Q. Do all companies charge the same commission?
A. By law commission rates cannot be fixed. We at Cardinal offer flexible commission rates.  For those who sell and purchase with a Cardinal agent we offer added discounts.

Q. How do I choose a Realtor?
A. Trust, competence and experience are key components in your real estate relationship. You should feel confident that the Realtor you hire has these qualities.

Q. What are some costs I will in cure when selling my home?
A. Your Cardinal Realtor will give you an estimated cost sheet that may include the following: state deed tax, recording fees, mortgage and loan payoffs, conservation fees, inspections, taxes, assessments, Etc.

Q. How do I know how much my home is worth?
A. Your Cardinal Realtor will provide you with a comparative market analysis. They will research homes in your neighborhood. You will both review homes currently for sale, homes that have offers accepted and homes that have recently sold. You will compare size, features and conditions. You will then work with your Cardinal Realtor to establish a price range in which your home will sell. You can expect a professional and honest opinion.

Q. How do I get my house ready to sell?
A. Your Cardinal Realtor will give you a checklist to prepare your home for sale. If needed, they will go room by room with specific ideas or a consultant is available for “staging” if necessary.

Q. Can you help us recognize flaws or problems in a home we’re interested in buying?
A. A Cardinal Realtor will always recommend a home inspection prior to the finalization of the purchase agreement. Also, in Minnesota sellers and agents must disclose any known material facts about the property that may impair your enjoyment of the property.

Q. What makes Cardinal Realty different from others?
A. Cardinal Realty is a local, independent family owned business. We have been serving families like yours for more than 50 years. Our Realtors have more than 160 years of combined experience. We have access to qualified and experienced support services such as, appraisers, inspectors, loan officers, remodeling companies, title companies, movers and more.


Q: What do I need for the first appointment?
A: You should have an idea of what you would like with a needs list (the things that you must have), a want list (the things you would like to have but may not be necessary), and pictures that show the styles you like.

Q: How long will the first meeting take?
A: The first meeting will take less than an hour depending on the size of your project. I will spend the time listening to your thoughts on the remodel project and determine if they will be feasible. Then I will work on an estimate to see if you would like to go forward with the remodeling project.

Q: Do you work with people that have their own plans?
A: Yes we can but our typical process is Design/Build and the plans you provide would have to be complete and accurate. It is not unusual for homeowners to try to sketch a concept of their project and request accurate bids. Complete is with floor plans, elevations, wall sections, foundations, dimensions, window sizes, and all structural elements. They must be accurate so that when we build the project as per plan there would be minimal changes.

Q: What is Design/Build?
A: Design/Build is the process we use when we work with a homeowner and our Architect on the design as a team. This helps us get for you all your needs, many of your wants and stay as close to your budget as we can.

Q: How much does the Design/Build cost?
A: It varies on the size on the remodel project.

Q: What is the process during Design/Build?
A: We start by meeting again with you and the Architect to revisit all your needs, wants and budget in case they have changed.

A time is set up to come back and measure your home and an existing floor plan is drawn. Next we design a few different layouts and work with you until we have the best solution and design for your needs.

Finally we have the subcontractors meet at your home to get any information they need for an accurate bid.

I now can put together a proposal for the remodel project. During this whole process we will have someone work with you on all of your product selections and answer any questions you may have about the construction itself. This is important for you and us that you are knowledgeable about the construction, prepared and comfortable before the remodeling starts.

Q: Do you work with subcontractors?
A: Yes all of our subcontractors work with us as a team in a team effort. Many have worked with us for between 15 to 20 years.